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Security and user-friendlyness through biometrics: enable fingerprint biometrics in your application software with Bergdata FP-SDK for USB fingerprint scanners, supporting Windows, Linux and DSP'S.

FP-SDK Software Development Kits for Fingerprint Biometrics

Bergdata Software Development Kit's for fingerprint biometrics let you easily build your individual biometrics enabled security software or hardware application.

Brief overview:

  • Available for Windows, Linux and DSP's
  • 32-bit DSPs versions for Hyperstone, ARM, TI, others upon inquiry
  • Available for USB scanners and stand-alone device DGID-300
  • ANSI-C code and API
  • Supports C, C++, Delphi (Java and VB possible)
  • Supports FingerChip(TM) and various other sensors (capacitive, optical, E-field, ...)
  • Certified by Atmel for FingerChip(TM) sensor


  • Bergdata Biometric Engine bdfis
  • Bergdata Generic Fingerprint Scanner Driver bddrv
  • Documentations (pdf-files), sample code, Pascal units for Delphi support
  • USB Scanner with FingerChip(TM) or DGID-300 (depends on SDK version)
  • Software license for personal use on one computer
  • Bergdata BTC demo software as sample application
  • One year development support and one free update (by email)
  • The SDK for Linux includes the sources of the USB driver module for support of the various distribution and kernel versions

Available SDK's:

  • FP-SDK-HDW-FC: for Windows, BDB-100 USB scanner included
  • FP-SDK-HDX-FC: for Linux, FCAT-100 USB scanner included
  • FP-SDK-HIW-DGID: for Windows, DGID-300 included
  • FP-SDK-HIX-DGID: for Linux, DGID-300 included
  • FP-SDK-DSP-HY: for Hyperstone E1, E2, no hardware included
  • FP-SDK-DSP-ARM: for ARM9, no hardware included
  • FP-SDK-DSP-TI: for TMS360, no hardware included

Applications: Biometric user identification and verification, database applications, desktop PC security, PIN/password replacement, SmartCard applications, e-passports, ...

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