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Security and user-friendlyness through biometrics: enable fingerprint biometrics in your application software with Bergdata FP-SDK for USB fingerprint scanners, supporting Windows, Linux and DSP'S.

FCAT-100 USB Fingerprint Scanner

USB fingerprint scanner with Atmel FingerChip(TM) sensor for Windows and Linux


  • High image quality
  • Size of fingerprint image 440 x 320 pixel
  • Resolution 500 dpi (FBI standard)
  • Atmel FingerChip(TM) sensor
  • Self cleaning sensing area
  • Internal finger detection and sensor temperature control
  • Temperature range +5 ... +45 °C
  • ESD resistance > 16 kV
  • Supports Windows (2000/XP/Vista) and Linux
  • OEM version available
  • SDK available for Windows and Linux

Applications: Desktop PC security, password replacement, database and network access, website security, biometric passports ...

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