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Security and user-friendlyness through biometrics: enable fingerprint biometrics in your application software with Bergdata FP-SDK for USB fingerprint scanners, supporting Windows, Linux and DSP'S.

DGID/W Biometric Unit for Access Control Systems

Compatible fingerprint biometrics for professional access control systems: the DGID/W with Wiegand port and Atmel FingerChip™ sensor.


  • Verification time < 1 sec
  • Identification time > 100 templates/sec
  • Device database for up to 1000 templates
  • Power supply 12 V ADC, 35/350 mA idle/processing mode
  • Atmel FingerChip™ sensor
  • 32-bit Hyperstone E1 DSP
  • Wiegand interface, adjustable 26/30/44-bit
  • RS232 port for host and network decoders
  • RS485 and TCP/IP with external decoders
  • Build-in relay and push-button input for door opener
  • LEDs and buzzer for user guidance
  • Sabotage detection switch
  • ES-Manager Software for device administration and RS485 network
  • Compatible with Bergdata USB fingerprint scanners
  • Encrypted data transfer with host and network

Applications: Stand-alone biometric user authentication, access control, time attendance, biometric door opener, security applications on airports, in banks, laboratories, hospitals, computing centers, ...

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